Product Care Tips

When you purchase a piece of furniture from Lorts, you’re receiving a quality product created with expert craftsmanship. To ensure enjoyment of your furniture for many years to come, we have included some of our recommendations for cleaning and care.

  • Care on a daily basis: we recommend cleaning spills, food, soil or dust with a soft, damp cloth, being sure not to over wet the finish. Dry the surface using a soft dry cloth.
  • Do not use any chemicals. Keep solvents, nail polish, and polish removers away from furniture surfaces.
  • Lorts recommends the use of coasters, placemats, table cloths, and table pads when eating, drinking, or writing on your furniture.
  • Store table leaves close to the table so leaves may adjust to equivalent climate and light.
  • Use protection when placing items of hot or cold temperatures on the furniture surface.
  • Direct sunlight will cause some natural fading of the original finish over time. Strive to keep your valuable furniture items shielded from daily exposure to direct sunlight.
  • To clean any Lorts Leather, please seek professional assistance.